Keep Your Firearm out of the Wrong Hands

Guns can be a great way to protect yourself or your family. In 2013, a mother of two, shot an intruder in her Georgia home after the intruder found her and her kids hiding in an attic.

While guns can save lives when used by responsible, prepared gun owners, they can also be deadly in the wrong hands. There are numerous stories on the news about children who accidently shoot themselves or others after finding handguns in their homes. A 3-year old Arizona boy, accidently shot and killed his 1-year old sibling after finding a firearm in his apartment.

In addition to the risk of children playing with an unsecured weapon, there is always the risk of gun theft. Firearms are one of the most commonly stolen items during home burglaries.

So, how can you protect yourself and your family, and at the same time keep your handgun out of the wrong hands? Read below for some tips on how to ensure that your firearm is kept safe and secure.
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Tips For Keeping Your Weapon Safe

Weapon Safety Tips | Insyte Protect

Having a gun in your home can make it safer. However, there are a few weapon safety tips you will need to take in order to prevent a gun accident from occurring. Below is a list of weapon safety tips that every gun owner should know and practice.

Get To Know Your Weapon

When you purchase a firearm, you will need to familiarize yourself with how it operates. The first step is reading the manual that it comes with. You should know how to remove ammunition from the firearm. You will also need to know how to safely close and open the action of your firearm. Gun safety courses are available to teach you the basics.

Store Your Weapon In A Safe Place

An accident can easily occur if a weapon is left out in a place where an unauthorized person can get it. That is why you should keep your weapon locked up when it is not being used. A gun vault, storage case and locked cabinet are examples of safe places where you can keep your gun.

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Benefits Of Having An Alarm For Your Gun

Gun Alarm | Insyte Protect

There are a number of benefits that can be reaped from owning a gun. It can provide your home with extra security. However, if you do not have an alarm for your gun, then you should definitely consider getting one. Below are some of the reasons you will need an alarm for your gun:


Many gun accidents occur because the gun happens to get in the wrong hands. Fortunately, having a gun on the alarm can prevent someone who should not have access to a gun from using it. For example, if a child bothers a gun and hears the alarm, then he or she will likely leave it alone.

Minimize The Risk Of Injuries

Injuries often happen when a person uses a gun that is not theirs. If a person is not familiar with a gun and how it works, then he or she is likely to misuse it. One wrong shot can be fatal. However, injuries are less likely to happen if there is an alarm on the gun.

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Reasons for Firearm Accidents

Prevent Firearm Accidents | Insyte Protect

If you are going to own a firearm, then it is essential to understand a variety of safety rules to prevent accidents or deaths. Approximately 50,000 deaths occur worldwide due to accidents with guns each year, but there are important ways to prevent this from happening. Injuries or deaths from guns occur because of these reasons:

• Malfunction
• Negligence
• Accidental

Firearm Safety Rules

The individuals who use firearms on a regular basis have created several rules for safety, including:

• Do not shoot at water or hard surfaces
• Do not climb fences or trees with loaded weapons
• Unload a firearm before storing it or leaving it unattended
• Do not point a gun at anything just for the fun of it
• Know the target before pulling the trigger on a firearm
• Carry a gun correctly to control the muzzle
• Keep a firearm’s barrel clear
• Do not keep a loaded gun in a building
• Learn how to use a firearm safely
• Do not use drugs or drink alcohol around firearms
• Use a gun alarm on all of your firearms

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New Bill Introduces Gun Safety Course in Utah Middle Schools

Gun Safety Course | Insyte Protect

As a response to recent mass shootings, Sen. Todd Weiler has proposed a new bill that will allow for Utah middle school students to receive classroom training on gun safety. One of the main points the students would learn in this course is what to do in the event that a student brings a gun to school. The course is intended for eight graders but might later open up to sixth and seventh graders as well. Weiler stresses that no guns would be brought into class for this course. The kids would be informed to no touch a gun if they see one and to tell an adult immediately. The president of the group Utah Parents Against Gun Violence, Miriam Walkingshaw, agrees that it is a good idea as long as the safety information is present in a neutral way. A handful of states, including Louisiana, Virginia, Michigan, and Missouri, already have laws in place which allow elementary schools to teach gun safety classes. These laws suggest that the curriculum be based off of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program from NRA.

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Basic Gun Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Gun Safety Tips | Insyte Protect

It is estimated that around 0.7 percent of the fatal incidents that occur in the home involve a firearm. The good news is that most of these firearm incidents can be prevented if people take the proper safety precautions. Below is a list of basic gun safety tips for the home:

Keep The Firearm Pointed In A Safe Direction

Many serious injuries or deaths occur when people accidentally discharge their guns. You can keep something like this from happening by keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. This means the gun should be pointed in a direction that even if a person accidentally discharges it, it will not cause injury.

Keep The Gun Unloaded

Your gun should be unloaded until you plan to use it. Before you store your gun, you should make sure that it is unloaded. You should also make sure that it is pointed in a safe direction.

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The Benefits Of Gun Alarms

Gun Alarms | Insyte Protect

Gun owners realize that firearm safety is very important. The proper gun guard can keep a person’s firearm from being used by a thief, safe from children and prevent accidents. One of the most effective methods of achieving this is with a gun alarm.

The goal of gun safety is essential with gun ownership. Traditional firearm safety devices have limitations when it comes to preventing the dangerous use of a gun. A number of firearm companies were provided with federal grants during the 1990s to find a solution to the problem of gun safety. Fingerprint scanners and RFID chips were attempted but weren’t successful. Most gun owners, as well as law enforcement and military, continued to use traditional methods such as trigger locks. Gun alarms are the latest technological advancement in gun safety.

Audible Warnings
A gun alarm will provide a gun owner with audible warnings. They may provide two audible warnings. One will notify a gun owner if their firearm has been moved from its place. The other alarm will notify them if someone is trying to disassemble the gun alarm. These alarms are able to make the firearm unable to be used.

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Gun Safety: Why Should I Learn About it?

Gun Safety | Insyte Protect

No matter what you personal position on firearms is, there are a few reasons why everyone should be educated in gun safety.

  1. They’re everywhere – The NRA estimates that between one-third to one-half of Americans own firearms. Gun owners will not always fit the popular stereotype that comes to mind.
  2. You might see a firearm – Even if there are no guns in your household, it is important that both you and your family are informed on what to do in the event that you come across a gun.
  3. Chances are, you probably prepare for other unlikely events as well – Heimlich Maneuver, changing a tire, and putting out a fire all have one thing in common: they are safety techniques that we learn even though we will rarely have to use them. Learning gun safety is no different.

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Gun Safety Around Children

Gun Safety | Insyte Protect

Following the proper safety rules when handling a gun is always necessary, but gun owners must take extra safety measures if they have children in the house. As a gun owner, you are always responsible for taking care of your firearm and preventing any gun-related accidents in your home.

1. Always store your gun unloaded and keep ammunition stored separately. This rule applies even without children in the house, but is especially important when you have kids. Storing the ammunition in a completely separate location will eliminate the risk of the gun firing in an accident.

2. Finding a hiding place in your home for your firearms is not a strong enough safety precaution. Even if the storage spot seems impossible to find, kids are curious and love to look around. Storing your firearms in a gun safe or case is the best option, as a burglar-resistant safe will prevent kids from accidentally getting their hands on a gun.

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